trackCaster Add-Ons
In addion to the basic features, trackCaster can be extended by optional add-ons and adapted to your specific requirements.
Add-On for trackCaster
This add-on supports an interface for effects in VST format. It is delivered with powerful effects (Limiter, Compressor, EQ, Reverb, Delay, Auto-Filter, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger) by the Danish manufacturer Kjaerhus Audio and can be expanded by other common VST effects from various manufacturers.
Add-On for trackCaster
Configurable recording and playback of multiple tracks: In the Arranger, you can record and play audio material for each track separately and in parallel from different audio channels.
Time Stretching
Add-On for trackCaster
Change the playback speed of audio clips. The requested duration can be specified.
Add-On for trackCaster
All important program functions are controllable via MIDI messages. In the Arranger you can send MTC and MIDI events. This allows the synchronization to external MIDI devices as well as the connection to MIDI controllers.
Database Interface
Add-On for trackCaster
This add-on allows exporting clips and projects to the Digas or Dalet database, as well as importing from the Digas or Dalet database.
Full Integration into Microsoft Windows Environments including Version 10.
For mobile use with your notebook or for your robust studio PC.
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