Multichannel Audio Recorder
Automated recording of Audio Sources
By using up to 16 Recording Windows single or periodically recurring events can be recorded in parallel. Endless recordings can be created as well. The recorded audio material is automatically segmented and named. The resulting audio files can be automatically set into a database (i.e. Digas). Audio sources can be different audio devices or separate channels of a multichannel source (ASIO).
Recordings can be processed directly to various audio formats. Level control and long-term recordings can be configured. During the recording process markers can be set in order to immediately locate individuated positions.
Recordings can be linked to a level control or processed within a defined timeframe. All operations are logged and can also be evaluated remotely.
  • Records up to 16 audio sources simultaneously
  • Seperate or periodical event recording capabilities
  • Endless recordings are possible
  • Automatic segmenting of audio files
  • Level-sensitive recording start and stop
  • Inserting of individual markers
  • Individual configuration for each recording

Optional Add-On 'Database Interface'
  • Automatic adding of audio files into the Digas database
  • All operations are logged and can be evaluated remotely.
  • Automatic resumption of recording interruption caused by errors

In case a recording is interrupted by an error situation, i.e. the hard disk is running out of memory, the recording is resumed automatically as soon as the error is corrected.
Technical Specifications
  • Software for Microsoft Windows including version 10 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • Supporting all sound cards through ASIO and Windows WDM
  • Supporting audio formats Wav, Aiff, Mpeg and Musicam
Further Information
Further information can be obtained by email to info@drenkelfort-audio.com.