Audio Reporter Tool
The Audio Editor special made for Reporters
Intuitive, fast and secure production of audio reports, including recording, cutting, mixing and text editing: ClipCaster has been specially designed for radio reporters and editors.
The Professional Solution
Each processing step is sample-accurate, non-delayed and can be carried out during playback and recording, whereby the result is immediately audible. Extensive import and export capabilities ensure easy integration into your work environment.
The Recorder
During the recording, text commentaries can be entered as accompaniment information, and markers can be set in order to immediately locate individuated positions.
The Cutter
Audio material can be cut and merged quickly and easily. Volume curves can be freely edited. Fades and normalizations can be set. All work steps are effective immediately during playback.
Providing Reports
Direct quotes (o-tones) can quickly and easily be put together in a playlist for a contribution with intermediate moderation. During playing out the o-tones list, simultaneously speak your moderation, comments or translations. O-tones and recordings can be synchronized and merged by volume controls.
  • Easy recording, editing and play out functions
  • Realtime non-destructive editing without delay
  • Precise sample accurate cutting of audio clips
  • Direct cutting of wave, aiff, mpeg and musicam files
  • Text editor for associated comments
  • Set markers in recordings and audio clips
  • Freely editable volume curves
  • Configurable fade-in/out and normalization of clips
  • Configurable ducking curves
  • Import of audio files through Windows codecs
  • Export to wave, aiff, mpeg and musicam
  • Configurable hotkeys and colors

Optional Add-On 'Database Interface'
  • Import out of the Digas or Dalet database
  • Export of clips and projects into the Digas or Dalet database
  • High reliability through transaction protocol logging
  • All operations can be reset by an Undo function
  • Background storing process avoids loss of data even on a system crash
Technical Specifications
  • Software for Microsoft Windows including version 10 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • Suitable for mobile use with notebook and for PC
  • Supporting all sound cards through ASIO and Windows WDM
  • Supporting audio formats Wav, Aiff, Mpeg and Musicam
Demo Version
A free trial version of the software and further information can be obtained by email to