EventDriver AV Software v6.1
Full Integration into Microsoft Windows Environments including Version 10
Multichannel Audio/Video Playback
For theaters, radio, TV, concert halls, shows and events
Renowned customers rely on EventDriver AV before and during the show. Up to 6 playlists as well as 24 cartwalls by 24 keys can be used to play-out up to 24-track audio files as well as videos, pictures and control commands. EventDriver AV can be flexibly integrated into your production environment up to Microsoft Windows Version 10.
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The User Interface
The intuitive user interface allows you to become familiar with EventDriver AV in shortest time. The dynamic design shows you all the relevant at a glance. The layout is selectable depending on the light conditions. Font sizes can be configured.
The Playlists
Each of the up to 6 playlists can be equipped with audio, videos, pictures and control elements. The internal file browser opens within the EventDriver AV program window.
The Cartwall
Audio, video and control elements can be "fired" from the Cartwall. The up to 24 registers, each with 24 buttons, can be resized.
In the multichannel configuration, the tracks of an audio file can be routed to different outputs. The volume can be set separately for each track.
The Editor
The integrated editor allows you to edit the audio files, i.e. Cue In / Out, Fade In / Out, Volume and Marker. All work steps are non-destructive and can be undone at any time.
Reliability and Safety
Especially in non-reproducible or complex live situations, we guarantee optimal reliability and security, right up to synchronized redundant operation of two EventDriver AV systems.
EventDriver AV is available in various configurations. We offer EventDriver AV as a stereo and multi-channel version, either as a pure audio or as an audio / video player. Add-Ons allow flexible adaptation to your requirements.
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Further Information
Further information can be obtained by email to info@drenkelfort-audio.com.