Configurations and Add-Ons
EventDriver AV is available in various configurations. We offer EventDriver AV as a stereo and multi-channel version, either as a pure audio or as an audio / video player. Different licenses and extensions allow flexible adaptation to your requirements.
  • EventDriver AV: Stereo version
  • EventDriver AV /Plus: Stereo version, extended functionality
  • EventDriver AV /8: Multichannel, max. 8 tracks per audio file
  • EventDriver AV /16: Multichannel, max. 16 tracks per audio file
  • EventDriver AV /24: multichannel, max. 24 tracks per audio file
  • PLAYLIST 4: Expansion of 2 to 4 playlists
  • PLAYLIST 6: Expansion of 2 to 6 playlists
  • GEMA: Logging for GEMA billing
  • RECORDING: Recording of stereo files
  • DIGAS: Database interface
  • GPI/O: Interface to relay/opto-coupler
  • DMX: Interface to light and stage control
  • VIDEO: 1 up to 7 video play-outs
  • PICTURE: 1 up to 7 picture play-outs
Further Information
Further information can be obtained by email to
Full Integration into Microsoft Windows Environments including Version 10.
Upgrade to v6.1