trackCaster Software v1.45
For O-tone editing, montages, complex jingles and complete CD productions: With the audio editing software trackCaster, you have an intuitive, fast and secure multi-track audio editor available.
Recording, editing and arranging of infinite audio tracks. Each processing step is sample-accurate, non-delayed and can be carried out during playback and recording, whereby the result is immediately audible. Extensive import and export capabilities ensure easy integration into your work environment.
The Arranger
In the Arranger different clips can be arranged on several audio tracks. Clips can be faded, crossfaded, cut and trimmed. Ducking curves allow clips to lower the level of other clips, to embed i.e. atmo or foreign language tracks. For easily creating reports, an O-tone mode allows the sequential playback of audio regions via keystroke.
The Cutter
In the cutter, audio material can be cut sample accurately. Volume and panorama curves can be edited. Sections can be trimmed and fitted with flexible fades. If you want to edit an audio clip in detail or in parallel, two cutters are available. This allows you to easily cut, copy and paste audio regions.
The dynamic clip mixer allows you to adjust the volume ratios of selected audio clips, as well as normalizing levels.
Recordings can be processed directly to various audio formats. Level control and long-term recordings can be configured. During the recording process markers can be set in order to immediately locate individuated positions.
Creation of Audio CDs
Projects can be produced as an audio CD. For that, markers are set within the arrangement, each marking the beginning and end of a requested CD track. These tracks can then be exported as separate audio files or burned directly to CD.
The Clipboard
The clipboard provides an overview of all audio clips used and available in the current project.
The Professional Solution: trackCaster
Timely creation of up-to-date reports or complex audio productions: trackCaster has been designed specifically for the needs of journalists, broadcasters, production studios, schools and universities.
O-Tone Mode
For easy recording of O-tones, trackCaster has an O-tone mode. With that, you can play the edited O-tones one after the other by faderstart or keyboard directly out of the arranger. At the same time, you can record the mix of speaker and O-tone with the recorder. So you have merged the resulting report into one audio clip. During recording, you can instantly set markers, i.e. to tag verbal bloopers and correct them by the cutter. These work steps are possible even during recording.
Ducking Kurves
A special feature of the trackCaster are the ducking curves. You can set a volume curve for an audio clip to affect the volume of the next track's clips. This way, audio clips easily can be arranged with foreign-language O-tones or atmo tracks to be automatically embedded.
Reliability and operational safety are particularly important in non-reproducible or time-critical situations! trackCaster is extremely robust and saves every processing step by a clever transaction management. This completely restores your work after a system failure, even if you did not save your project.
trackCaster Add-Ons
In addion to the basic features, trackCaster can be extended by optional add-ons and adapted to your specific requirements.
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Full Integration into Microsoft Windows Environments including Version 10.
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